A word from the TEDxGlasgow Curator

The TEDxGlasgow Curator Gurjt Lalli recounts the journey so far, and has some words for our speakers, guests and partners…

You have to be careful what you ask for! TEDx events are a massive amount of voluntary hours of blood, sweat, tears and brilliant inspiration, but more than that its holding onto the belief that within us we have the power to lead on change.

Glasgow is a city of contrasts, from dire mortality rates to a recognised future city. So what better city to use the TEDx platform to bring Scotland together and build communities around ideas worth doing, deepen alliances and break the silos.

After our first event with 12 speakers and over 3 million people watching the talks online we realised we have to leverage the power of TEDx and its global community of thought leaders, collaborators, doers. So in 2014, when someone said “why don’t we do another TEDx” little did they know what an epic rollercoaster ride they were in for.

When it comes to organising a TEDx event, you need people with vision, guts, passion, energy and great values to make it happen. From the TEDx team and our true collaborative partners, to our connected Brain Trust, families and friends – one way or another everyone got involved, roped in, button-holed, that’s the way!

We decided that Royal Conservatoire of Scotland would be the perfect home for TEDxGlasgow 2014 as it Principle Professor John Wallace CBE and his incredible team’s vision of creating a space where people can co-create across disciplines, go beyond just an education and create the future of performance. It allows total immersion in discovering who you are, whichever path you choose to follow. His team fully embraced TEDxGlasgow and supported our mission, we fully appreciate their pioneering innovators attitude. We look forward to co-creating a legacy of TEDx and RCS with them and their students.

Partners wise, MadeBrave, made us braver. From the polymath Andrew Dobbie who’s aspirational words I will always remember – “we need a bigger boat.” BT and STV really amazed us with their values and vision, they got TEDx straight away and with open arms supported us and fully collaborated in all areas. To all of our partners, the aforementioned plus Lux Events, Flavourly.com, Bizvento, Citizen M, BrewDog – we love you all, you are way ahead of the curve, lead from the front and lets grow together.

To our speakers, great minds and practitioners; give the talk of your life, inspire others and go do.

Guests – take the conversations deeper, get buy in, break the silos.

This is what we make it.

  • Written by Gurjit Singh Lalli
  • Posted on May, 20 2014

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