Being a Host for Women in Tech 2015

Our Partnership Lead Pauline was the very glamorous host at the Women in Tech event at the stunning Apple Buchanan Street in Glasgow on Wednesday 11th March. In today’s blog she talks about her experience of the event:

Women in Tech 2015, Apple

“The only thing I’d ever hosted before this was a dinner party! So when I was asked to host the Women in Technology night by TEDxGlasgow and Apple, I presumed it was a joke.

“Questioning hugely well established business women and keeping a super curious audience engaged sounded like the perfect way to spend a Wednesday night…not! But actually, it was brilliant fun and an incredible event all round.

“As a TEDxGlasgow volunteer, you expect to pile in and help with whatever needs to be done. While being the ‘host’ for this event felt a little beyond the call of duty I knew my fellow volunteers would be there to support me. And they were. Cat, Jiveen and Gurjit kept everything running, whilst I concentrated on the panel and the guests. It was brilliant to be standing on the stage seeing my pals smiling encouragingly back at me.

Women in Tech 2015, Apple“The event itself was fab. The inspirational panel (IBM’s Gillian Docherty, Leslie Eccles Co-founder of FanDuel, Jackie Waring Founder of Investing Women and Kelvin College’s Audrey Miller) really engaged the audience with different aspects of the topic ‘Women in Technology’ and the audience absolutely loved it. As soon as the formal part was over, the audience were up on their feet talking to the panel, to one another, to the TEDx and Apple crews. The feedback since has been amazing. Somebody even asked if I was “off the telly”, I didn’t dare ask who they thought I was though!”

Our Salon Lead, Jiveen Lal, was delighted with the outcome of the event but shocked by some of the facts he learned; “When researching for the event I was amazed by some of the statistics used when setting out the case for more women being involved in certain areas of technology and industry. It’s a big deal and the numbers are devastatingly bad! After more than one occasion stating the need for certain countries to do more to involve women in daily life I now realise the extent of different debilitating behaviours and actions in societies I know very well. A global issue also means a home grown one, in any part of the world!

“As a father, I considered the words I was using with my own 2 year old (boy) and on more than one occasion pretended he was a little girl to see what language I would use and if I would change the way I was with him. There were lots of differences. I was stunned.”

Women in Tech 2015, Apple

The panel at Women in Tech


  • Written by Cat Leaver
  • Posted on March, 29 2015

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