A licence to thrill: TEDx

Author: Gurjit Singh Lalli, Licence Holder & Founder

Being a polymath and massive consumer of quality content, I was attracted to TED from the get go and although it was inspiring I felt that I needed to be more action-orientated. TEDx allowed me to gather amazing passionate agents of change to discuss and showcase great innovations and inspirational people via the TEDx stage. It is a massive amount of voluntary hours that goes into all the elements that not only make a great event but also creating action around the ideas being discussed.

Gurjit Singh Lalli - Founder TEDxGlasgow

The process started with us obtaining our licence from TED, with the main criteria being that you want to make a considerable contribution to help your community and build on TED’s ethos and values. The next step was to interview potential volunteers to join the organisation, who both fully bought into the vision and were themselves agents of change in some shape or form.

And wow what a team of eight volunteers we now have. It’s a huge amount of time and effort to be part of the Leadership team here at TEDxGlasgow, but the passion and expertise from the team is incredibly motivating and results in a hugely rewarding environment to work in.

We spend most of the year working on two main areas, one being the annual conference and the other being the TEDx Salons that are spread out throughout the year. The salons are like a mini-TEDx and allow us to focus on a few key issues/concepts and build action plans around them.

The main conference (held this year on Friday 12th June at Tramway, Glasgow) has so much happening throughout the day from a diverse range of world-class speakers, top entertainment, Labs (both demo and discussion workshops) and a few surprises thrown into the mix. The conference aims to be a stimulus for change. As such, we aim to inspire our guests to engage with our speakers, other guests and discuss how ideas they have heard can be supported or taken to the next level.

We want to bring together thought leaders from all walks of life and be a platform for connecting and showcasing great ideas. Over the years we have had more than 30 speakers and received over 5 million views of the talks online.

As we grow our aspirations are to:

  • Become the platform for change within Scotland
  • Become the network that connects the diaspora of Glaswegians/Scots across the globe
  • Become bigger than just the annual event
  • Have a measurable impact on our local community and it’s people.
  • Written by Cat Leaver
  • Posted on May, 7 2015

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