Volunteering and its many benefits

Ask not what your career can do for you, but what you can do to further your career. Volunteering has some natural, and fairly obvious, benefits, such as adding weight and experience to your CV, but it also has numerous further personal benefits.

Finding the right volunteering opportunity can give you purpose and drive, provide knowledge and new skills, ignite a new passion, connect you with highly interesting and potentially influential individuals and keep you mentally stimulated. You can better both your professional self and your personal self.

What’s more, there’s a volunteer role out there for everyone (no matter your age, experience, background or education). Whether it’s dedicating time to support those in need, working within a charity, lending your skills and knowledge to a role or helping your community, volunteering allows you to give something back. And, studies have shown that those who volunteer and, in turn, make others happier, are themselves happier.


Some TED & TEDx Talks on Volunteering

We’ve pulled together a few TED and TEDx Talks, which discuss the many benefits of philanthropy and volunteering. Share your favourites with us on Twitter.

Micro-Volunteering – Giving Back for Busy People” a TEDxNASA Talk from Ben Rigby

Volunteerism – the best platform for personal and professional development” a TEDxUOttawa Talk from Tuan Nguyen

Being young and making an impact” a TEDxTeen Talk from Natalie Warne


Interested in volunteering with TEDxGlasgow?

We offer a variety of exciting roles for enthusiastic volunteers who wish to join our team and help us in sharing ideas worth doing. If you’re interested in getting involved, take a look at the roles and get in touch today.

  • Written by Cat Leaver
  • Posted on January, 4 2017

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