Stimulating discussion & solving problems in our 2017 Partner Labs

Every year at TEDxGlasgow we have amazing discussions and demos hosted by our Partners. They love the interaction with our guests, tapping into the diverse and curious range of people that come to TEDxGlasgow. We absolutely encourage our Partners to participate as much as they can, making sure of course they get time to enjoy all the other activities on offer during the day themselves.

The social space, where the demos are held, is always buzzing with excitement and interest. We call them demos but they are so much more than that. These are areas where guests can get hands-on and really get a chance to understand the purpose behind the great and innovative technologies on display. This year there will be 12 brilliant reasons to head down to the social space and engage. If you are lucky enough to have a ticket then you’ll enjoy everything from Pepper the robot to a mind-reading chair, from virtual reality to golf technology, from sculpting with sound to uncovering the ideas behind our out two TEDxGlasgow Award finalists. And, that’s only the beginning!

Separate to the demos, the discussions (known as Labs) hosted by Partners during the day are a great way to meet other guests with similar interests to you – after all, you all picked the same discussion to join! This year we have such a fabulous mix of subjects and the style in which the discussions will be hosted are all quite different. The Labs offer the opportunity to tackle some issues that have the potential to make a real difference. With such great people hosting them, I think there will be a lot of fun going on as well. So, let’s look at some of what is on offer…

Scottish Government are offering up the opportunity to make a difference to public service and get to engage with CivTech® (the Digital Directorate in Scottish Government). Alexander Holt, the CivTech® leader and host is inviting guests to think about an issue that particularly bothers them.

Alexander says “The idea for the session is to take this TEDxGlasgow opportunity and experiment. What if we invite the guests to set the challenge? What if the guests bring their issues, and in a fast-paced session worked that up into wildcard challenge that we’d put into CivTech® 3.0 in 2018. This is a different way of doing things and we want to test, with some enthusiastic people in a live session, how this works. It may work, it may fail – but that’s the nature of innovation.

If Alexander’s favourite TED talk, Mariana Mazzucato’s views on government as an investor, risk taker and innovator is anything to go by, this should be a very lively session indeed.

CivTech® is all about pushing the boundaries of how public services are scoped, procured and delivered, matching our nation’s tech talent to help to solve societal challenges. They are currently looking at challenges around crime, data, artificial intelligence, outpatients and tourism.

Let’s hope we add a TEDxGlasgow 2017 challenge to the list!

Standard Life/Standard Life Investments want to disrupt ageing. With life expectancy in the UK growing by five hours a day – retirement is dead. We’re ageing as a society, not alone. In this discussion, they will be exploring what life means for an ageing population that is engaging with the world, not retiring from it.

From lifestyle to finance, innovation to poetry, Standard Life is offering an immersive investigation into what it means to be young and old in the 21st Century and how companies should react. This will be a fully interactive session, offering the chance to make a statement as to how individuals and the private sector should work together to change the way we age. The enthusiastic hosts Hamish, Matt and Alice, Standard Life’s business innovation team, are redesigning how the company co-creates with customers and they are really looking forward to meeting the TEDxGlasgow guests. They have a favourite TEDx talk “Akala – Hip-Hop & Shakespeare?” So, who knows if you’ll need to brush up on your moves for this session!

SQA is looking at the future of assessment. Something that is hugely important for future generations. In an ever-changing knowledge and skills landscape, their team are keen to explore what it will mean in future to deliver secure, credible, trusted recognition of achievement. They are really looking forward to engaging with TEDxGlasgow guests to find innovative solutions to share with the SQA. Even if you’re not there, you can join the conversation via the hashtag #sqafutures.

Accenture is “Leading in the New”! They want to know what it means to you – the TEDx audience. At Accenture, leading in the new means driving change to how we live and work yesterday, today and tomorrow. Organisations and individuals can be in control or overwhelmed with opportunity and change and we need purpose, leadership, innovation and collaboration to thrive in today’s constantly changing environments. So, join in and debate your ideas, insights and predictions for “The New” with support from their energetic and engaging hosts.

The Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL) is talking about ‘Evolution of the revolution: young leaders emerge’. This session will be very hands-on and they want their guests to create the positive news for the future. What’s your shared mission, vision and values for emerging youth leadership? In an open space, the guests will be part of an editorial team to write the cover feature for the radical surge of new leadership in Scotland. Creating leaders of the future.

JP Morgan is running an interactive session on ‘Changing Your World: Leadership For Transformation’. What are “leaders” like? How do leaders behave, and how do they inspire effective followers? Are management and leadership the same thing? Come join us in this highly interactive session where we will explore all aspects of leadership for transformation and how you can become a more effective leader and follower.

Glasgow City Council will be presenting “Your City Needs You: help make Glasgow Fairer”. This has the makings of a really powerful engagement to offer up ideas and actions to help alleviate poverty, including in-work poverty. Who doesn’t want to help do that? The participation will focus on aspects of employment and organisational culture in relation to poverty.

And, we’re hosting our own interactive Lab this year. Each year, TEDxGlasgow receives hundreds of incredible applications to speak at our event. By joining our Lab discussion you will help us shape those ideas that didn’t make it onto our programme but are still very much ‘ideas worth doing’. By joining our Lab discussion you will help us shape this new platform, ensuring we create something that serves our users needs and becomes a source of inspiration.

Lab sign-ups are now closed but please ask at registration if any spaces are available and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you. If you’re not lucky enough to be joining us on Friday, keep up with the conversations online.

We look forward to sharing some of the debates and outcomes of these fascinating Labs!

  • Written by Pauline Houston
  • Posted on May, 31 2017

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