Giving Adam about gender issues and identity

It’s time to talk with another of our incredible 2018 speakers to hear what they’re most looking forward to sharing on our stage next month. Adam Kashmiry compels us to imagine a different reality and a different way of thinking in his powerful and emotional personal story of gender dysphoria and transition.

Having recently toured for the second time with the National Theatre of Scotland for the production of his namesake play exploring his very powerful journey, Adam has received lots of positive press for championing LGBTIQ rights and encouraging open conversations around transgender issues. Originally from Egypt, Adam now calls Glasgow home and works as an entertainer, actor and advocate.
Adam Kashmiry

What is your idea worth doing?

I wanted to explore some current important issues around gender and sex. The things that make you, you.

For so long, we’ve been put into little boxes, often because people get lazy or simply don’t know any better. They seek simple answers to complex questions about human nature. We weren’t always lazy though, ancient history shows us that the social structure of the past wasn’t as limited, and people had more freedom to express who they were. We are thankfully at a point now though where there is a general consensus that this has to stop. Human nature is very complex. Human beings are very complex!

Having a couple of ‘boxes’ for millions of different people is a very outdated view. Yet, the majority of people still don’t see it that way, thanks to the power of traditions, nurture, and culture.

I have always been very passionate about human rights and issues abroad, but recent encounters have made me more aware of what’s happening to young adults in schools. I have never really thought about schools in Britain before, or issues that children face here. I guess I had just assumed that because it is Britain, a progressive Western society, then these things are probably alright. But, kids are growing up confused, dysphoric, bullied and lost. There is nothing worse than feeling those things when you are just 10 years old.

I genuinely believe if kids are educated at a young age, about what sex and gender are, if every kid grows up learning that it is OK to be different from others, it is okay to feel what you are feeling, then we will have a very compassionate empowered kick-ass future generation that potentially has the power to change Britain for the better and even help with issues abroad!

Teach them what’s right and what’s not before they learn to judge. Teach them compassion. Give them a safe space to explore and be who they are, I believe you will genuinely be amazed at what you see.

How did you come up with your idea?

My idea is inspired by my personal journey, and the day to day challenges I come across.

How is your idea going to change the way we look at the world?

I am not sure if it is going to change the way we look at the world, but I hope that it can help us to look at each other with more compassion and less judgement.

Who has inspired you in your field of work?

There are many people who have inspired me actually. They most likely don’t even know they have inspired me, unfortunately. Many are ordinary people, who to me are my heroes, on YouTube documenting their stories and transition.

Who else are you excited to see at TEDxGlasgow 2018?

Genuinely everyone! I am looking forward to seeing all the speakers and meeting new people. What an incredible opportunity that will challenge us all to ‘rethink’ our perceptions.

Adam and our 19 other TEDxGlasgow 2018 speakers here are in their final preparation now for their talks on 1st June. We hope that you will join us to delve into this fascinating talk on gender and identity.

Have you got your ticket yet? Tickets are available here.

  • Written by Cat Leaver
  • Posted on May, 5 2018

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