A picture is worth a thousand words

An internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer and Greenpeace Ambassador, Roie Galitz enjoys traveling to the remotest places on earth and capturing images of rarely viewed animals in their natural habitats in the hope of stimulating us (the wider public) to consider how our actions impact their habitats and lives. In today’s blog we speak with Roie about we can expect to hear from him this Friday at TEDxGlasgow 2018.

His images have been viewed by millions and featured in international media, now we’re excited to welcome Roie to our stage to share his words as well as his pictures.

Roie Galitz

What is your idea worth doing?

Photography is a powerful tool to raise awareness and save precious wildlife from extinction. This is my idea worth sharing and doing.

How did you come up with your idea?

I see it happening everywhere around me. My images and videos are being used in Greenpeace global campaigns to save the Arctic and the Antarctic ecosystems. Governments and companies are rightly forced to answer to the public when we present photographed proof of human-caused climate change.

I’ve always tried to share nature with everyone through my images, and I’m lucky to see how it touches and provokes thought and action.

How is your idea going to change the way we look at the world?

We are on brink of a dramatic transformation in our planet. Today’s endangered wildlife may become no more than tomorrow’s stories and memories of a lost world. I hope to do my small part in beginning to change that.

Who has inspired you?

Many wonderful people, from naturalists like Sir David David Attenborough to wildlife photographers like Paul Nicklen. My partners who are inspiring me,, on a daily basis to keep pursuing our goals. Basically, anyone who cares about our world, and is taking action to protect it.

Who else are you excited to see at TEDxGlasgow 2018?

Literally everyone. It is packed with inspirational people and stories and I look forward to learning more from this year’s event and speakers.

It’s only a few days now until Roie and our 19 other TEDxGlasgow 2018 speakers join us at the SEC Armadillo to explore the theme ‘Rethink…’. We’d love to see you there but tickets are running out, so please make sure you get yours here to avoid disappointment.

  • Written by Cat Leaver
  • Posted on May, 28 2018

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