TEDx Volunteering – The Lasting Impact

Written by Mary Pointer, Impact team member.

Want to know what it’s really like being a volunteer for TEDxGlasgow and the lasting effects being part of such an inspiring event can have?

We’ve caught up with Annina Claesson, a previous member of our outstanding volunteer team, who has shared with us her experience and what lasting impact it has had on her.


What stands out from your TEDxGlasgow volunteering time, and why?

Definitely the warm welcome I received from the entire TEDxGlasgow team! I was helping out with the stage prep and I will never forget the astoundingly creative people I met backstage. TEDx brings together a lot of really motivated and driven individuals and that in itself creates a great sense of community very quickly. It’s rare to find so many people you click within the same room, but that’s what I remember most fondly from my volunteering experience.

Have you put your experiences or event related inspirations into action?

I had never before been part of the backstage crew of such a professionally run creative event, but since I enjoyed myself so much, I was inspired to seek out similar opportunities. It’s a great feeling of satisfaction to see things you’ve painted, or built, in action on a stage, so I have since started dabbling in some set design for theatre.

If yes, what impact has this had on you directly?

Moreover, since TEDx is all about networking, the event gave me a confidence boost for approaching new people. At an event like TEDx, you learn that most people have an interesting story to share. You just need to ask!

Had you volunteered before or have volunteered again since? Encouraged other people to volunteer?

I am applying to be a volunteer for the TEDxGlasgow 2018 event again, hoping to try helping out in a different area of the event to see a new side of it. I had volunteered before in a variety of contexts, from charity shops to women’s rights groups. When the right opportunity arises, I am always happy to contribute.

What advice would you give to people considering volunteering for TEDxGlasgow?/

I don’t think volunteering should be about adding a line to a CV. For any type of volunteering, you should do it because it gives you a chance to try something new that you are genuinely interested in. My advice for TEDx volunteers specifically would be to meet as many new people as possible. There is so much talent, experience, and great personalities in the venue that you cannot afford not to make friends!

My trousers may have got some permanent paint stains but I’m sure my memories of the event will last even longer!

Twitter: @AnninaClaesson

  • Written by Cat Leaver
  • Posted on May, 21 2018

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