The Impact of Ideas Worth Doing

Were you at TEDxGlasgow 2018?

Do you remember the big red chair and the friendly group of people inviting you to sit in it whilst answering questions?

Well that was us – the TEDxGlasgow Impact team!  Always on the case to understand what drives our guests and which of the Talks hits home. When all the madness of event day dies down we are at work making sense of all the information you gave us.

We have distilled your valuable input into an Impact Report for 2018 which summarises the outcomes from TEDxGlasgow events held annually since 2013, including results from our speakers, partners and volunteers – a potential first from over 115,000 TEDx worldwide.

Below you can find our impact reports for both TEDxGlasgow and [email protected] to enjoy.

2018 TEDxGlasgow Impact Report

2018 TEDxYouthGLA Impact Report

What is Impact for TEDxGlasgow?

Meaningful Change, where an action leads to a an outcome that brings value to others, that is what we see as impact.  Encouraging our community to act, leading to a change in outcome, behaviour or opportunities is what we strive for across all communities, ages and sectors.  We asked Joanne Lynn, our Head of Events her thoughts on 2018, who said:

“Co-designing [email protected] alongside an amazing group of college students was perfect to celebrate the Year of Young People. Watching their development has been incredible and reinforces my belief that we have a responsibility to inspire young people to believe in themselves and dream big. It has been a pleasure to work with a talented group of students and I couldn’t be prouder of how they stepped up to the TEDxYouth challenge”

The team at TEDxGlasgow focus on the TED ethos of sharing ideas, spreading knowledge, and supporting our community to translate this into bold, brave actions. Everything we do is attuned to generating a positive impact – Gurjit Singh Lalli, shares his perspectives:

“What makes Glasgow unique are the people and their can-do spirit which is intoxicating.  Scotland has growth in both businesses and entrepreneurs who are focused, not only on profit, but making a positive social impact, which aligns to a passion of my own. I aspire for a future where companies compete on the amount of good they do through positive change and social initiatives; the TEDxGlasgow event is a platform that will strive to continue inspiring an atmosphere, both locally and nationally, where this can happen”

Our vision & mission further explains why impact is so important to TEDxGlasgow.

Our Vision: Scotland is a more prosperous, sustainable, creative, fairer and healthier nation.

Our Mission: TEDxGlasgow is a catalyst for systematic, macro-level change in Glasgow, Scotland and the wider world.


Creating a legacy through Ideas Worth Doing

Being involved with TEDxGlasgow offers partners, delegates, speakers and volunteers a unique opportunity to contribute to powerful conversations.  Either at our events or online, our talks have been seen by millions of people, and we’re passionate about supporting actions on ideas that matter.  We asked Pauline Houston, our Head of events shares her thoughts:

“Partnering with the right individuals and businesses can have an incredible impact on your organisation, and we’ve been fortunate to have great people behind our mission and events. I am proud of the fantastic reputation that Scotland has globally from passionate companies, ready to speak up and challenge ideas as they do with us at TEDxGlasgow, and look forward to driving more positive impact from continued collaboration in new ways” 


Researching the Impact of ideas

Our events provide a medium that combines a diverse range of people –  thinkers, doers and innovators coming together, ready to be challenged.  Designing a framework to measure outcomes from an event as unique as TEDxGlasgow has been an exciting experience, as well as an opportunity to hear directly from a wide range of individuals and organisations with amazing stories to share.  Zebunisa Ahmed, our Impact Lead offers her insights:

“Both as a volunteer and through a career in data visualisation, I’m driven by seeing how good ideas can make a difference if given a chance  – be that on an individual basis, organisationally or throughout society. As a team we want to inspire meaningful change, and I believe that good ideas can be vector for positive impact, spreading far beyond the event; it all starts with a conversation.”

The impact team get creative when measuring outcomes from the event and are keen to capture examples of the TEDxGlasgow community taking action, as seen in our impact report. We will continue monitoring how our ideas shared translate into actions with positive outcomes, and invite you to share your examples – the more personal or creative, the more we love hearing from you. Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

  • Written by Pauline Houston
  • Posted on December, 3 2018

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