Celebrating worldwide success of TEDx

As part of TED Summit 2019, individuals who are part of the global TEDx community gathered in Edinburgh to celebrate sharing ideas worth doing in their local communities.


A whole day to meet many TEDx organisers in person, hearing their experiences of putting varying sizes and styles of events together. Conversation themes varied around how to get started on a TEDx event, ways to source funding, marketing and raising the awareness of TEDx, and building passionate volunteer teams. 

The wealth of knowledge shared in one room in a single day has been a unique experience for TEDxGlasgow to be part of. Also a chance to explore common and not so common challenges faced when it comes to running a TEDx event.


Joanne Lynn, Head of Events –

Great to hear other event management experiences, such as an outdoor TEDx powering through thunderstorms by getting every umbrella in the city. Handing out a variety of umbrellas led to attendees resulted in beautiful pictures and a unique experience


Pauline Houston, Co-curator & Head of Partnerships –

Varied speaker curation and application processes have been interesting to learn about. In particular was a TEDx who had 80 attendees vote on a final set of speakers based on their talk pitches


Gurjit Singh Lalli, Curator & Founder –

Learning how TEDxSaoPaulo filled a football stadium full attendees to enjoy a fiesta style event with 30 speakers, supported by 100 partners has been an inspiration

With TED Summit 2019 bringing to Edinburgh, the most engaged TED and TEDx minds, including past TED speakers is fantastic for Scotland, and the team at TEDxGlasgow are looking forward to learning and sharing more throughout the event.

  • Written by Zeb Ahmed
  • Posted on July, 21 2019

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