Impacting Scotland with SEC and Trees for life

As a TEDxGlasgow community we’re delighted to hear from Sarah Millar, SEC Event Manager, to confirm success with our #MyPledge of planting trees. We’ve made a difference to Scotland, together we’ve made an Impact!  Here’s what Sarah had to say…

Is it true, SEC have helped TEDxGlasgow achieve their #MyPledge to plant trees in Scotland?

Yes, Trees for Life are a charity who work tirelessly to restore the flora and fauna of the ancient Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland.  To aid their work the SEC has donated a grove of trees that will be planted by volunteers on behalf of TEDxGlasgow delegates, and we have a lovely certificate to confirm this!

TEDxG Trees for life

Why are events like TEDxGlasgow important to the SEC, Glasgow, Scotland? 

At the SEC, we believe in business events as drivers for social and economic change. We believe that events like TEDxGlasgow have the power to make a difference across a whole host of challenges we face as a society today – from sustainability, to mental health, to politics and everything in between. 

Brand is of huge importance to us as a business, and we try to align ourselves with our clients’ brand as much as possible. TEDxGlasgow is a great example of this. Hosting events like this gives us the chance to showcase not only the dynamic nature of the venue but also Glasgow and Scotland. It puts us on the map as a creative, innovative and exciting destination. 

What makes TEDxGlasgow different to other SEC based events? 

Events at the SEC bring people together for a whole range of different causes. TEDx gives individuals of all backgrounds and specialties a platform to discuss issues that are important to them. We often have international clients, but TEDxGlasgow is run by people from Glasgow, with volunteers from the local area coming to help because they believe in the vision and brand. 

Which 2019 talk have you enjoyed the most? 

I really enjoyed Fraser Smith’s “The Male Identity Crisis”. It challenged people to rethink their assumptions about gender, masculinity and mental health issues in the male demographic. I felt it was a very well balanced and informed talk, and it made me think about the pressures that the men in my life might be under and how they were brought up. 

I also loved “Unbroken – speaking the unspeakable” by Madeleine Black. It was an inspiring talk about the impact of trauma, the power of forgiveness and empathy. It encouraged the audience to think about all the energy you hold on to in life and how to let it go when you need to. 

Has any talk inspired you to take action? Eg Recycle more, Try a new hobby? 

Definitely! “Kicking the plastic habit” by Laura Young has reinforced my already strong beliefs in waste and sustainability. It’s also something we’re working hard to address at the venue. I was inspired by the fact that a young female could express herself to such a significant audience and gave me confidence within myself. 

Any favourite moments or experiences from the event? 

Coordinating the aerial dancer to perform in time with the youth orchestra for the opening ceremony was so exciting. A lot of work went into the stage setup, rehearsal and rigging for the dancer’s silk – it all came together spectacularly and really added atmosphere to the session.

Thank you to Sarah and all at SEC for supporting TEDxGlasgow and Congratulations to our delegates for helping us make a positive impact in Scotland.

Learn more about Tree for Life here and share your stories of taking action with [email protected] as we’d love to hear what you’ve been inspired to do!

  • Written by Zeb Ahmed
  • Posted on July, 17 2019

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