Connecting to discuss Financial Difficulty

We hear from Virgin Money about our new partnership and their LAB experience to discuss financial matters and support positive action.

With 2,000 members of the TEDxGlasgow community together to explore ideas around the theme of connection, it was a great event for Virgin Money to be part and hold part of and hear the wide range of speakers share important ideas on stage.

Interacting with a wide range of attendees at the event, we were able to drive discussion with a focus on financial difficulty. A topic the bank is passionate about, and open to innovative solutions that help customers when they need it most.

For the discussion LAB, the team designed exercises to raise awareness of issues around financial difficulty, and talked about the unexpected scenarios that occur, leading to a fracturing state of poverty for those affected. Check out a glimpse of the discussion LAB in more detail here Virgin Money LAB at TEDxGlasgow 2019).

Virgin Money employee Joanna Finaly, shared her expertise on financial difficulty as part of the LAB discussion, that helped us to gather future-focused ideas for the bank and in the wider community.

“When we think about poverty, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the scale of the issues. But it’s so important that we listen to the needs of society, and commit to action across organisations and sectors. That’s exactly what this LAB session enabled, as we considered how to better connect people to help that already exists.

Not reinventing the wheel, not but simply considering how we can better connect friends, colleagues, clients – whoever may be at risk of financial difficulty – with the help that brilliant organisations already provide. That’s something we can all commit to.”

Our team at Virgin Money drew wisdom and inspiration from the speakers LAB participants and have ideas to move forward towards addressing financial difficulty positively.  This is exactly why TEDx is so invaluable – the event inspires new ideas, antidotes to challenges, and fresh collaborations to make a difference. We look forward to more from TEDxGlasgow around ideas worth doing in 2020.

  • Written by Zeb Ahmed
  • Posted on September, 16 2019

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