Designing Glasgow City for all

When you bring a diverse and open-minded group of people together, to solve the city’s challenges collectively, that’s when the spirit of TEDx comes alive.  As part of TEDxGlasgow 2019, Glasgow City Council held a TEDx Lab on the theme of reshaping the city through active participation – Bringing the City Charter to Life.

Glasgow’s City Charter was created, in consultation with citizens, to lay out a shared vision for the city and agree on practical commitments to make it happen.

The TEDxGlasgow LAB invited participants to think up ways for the Council to collaborate with individuals, local businesses, and communities to deliver two of these commitments: a cleaner, more sustainable city, and promoting participation in the local community. Full details of the discussions and outcomes achieved are available in this document – TEDx GCC LAB casestudy.

John Sherry, Glasgow City Council’s Corporate Service Reform Manager, saw TEDxGlasgow as an opportunity to tap into the collective insight of our participants.

“One of our values is to work in partnership so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute ideas. Through this TEDx Lab, we could channel the wealth of knowledge and expertise that people bring to this event, to help make Glasgow a thriving city for everyone.”

For those taking part in the Lab, the experience was just as valuable, with feedback showing the civic pride present: 

“To have a seat at the table, have my ideas heard is an opportunity to make a difference for us all – that’s why I’m here.” 

“As a proud Glaswegian, I want to be a part of deciding how we create the city’s future and, today, I did just that.”

We look forward to progressing our findings and seeing the impact grow following the TEDxGlasgow LAB on turning the vision for Glasgow City into a reality.

  • Written by Zeb Ahmed
  • Posted on September, 19 2019

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