Healthy ageing – connecting environments to opportunities

Healthy ageing starts from the moment you’re born, not just when you get old. This is the discussion the Digital Health and Care Institute invited TEDxGlasgow attendee’s to explore, looking at  intersections between trust, identity, data, our environment and ageing. The team at DHI share their LAB experience with us.

Our discussion lab was a great opportunity to address a key priority area for future innovations in health and wellbeing identified by the Scottish Government ( and builds on the World Health Organisation’s priority towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals ( 

With some open-minded participants, we added some fun activities and creative thinking into the LAB – together the group explored the elements that could impact our relationship with health and social care services of the future.  

Jamie Steed, Innovation Policy and Delivery Lead – Innovation Strategy & Life Sciences – The Scottish Government, saw a great source of diversity to connect with at TEDxGlasgow and the LAB provided an opportunity to tap into the participants thoughts and ideas.

“It was a  successful experience for us with an excellent workshop delivered by DHI and CanDoScotland.  We look forward to using the insights from our TEDxGlasgow LAB experience to further development of the healthy ageing cluster chaired by the Digital Health and Care Institute.” 

Event attendees taking part in the LAB found themselves with a new perspective, with feedback such as:

“There are so many challenges to explore. Much more than I realised.”

“If you gave me money to pay for my healthcare I would spend it on something else”

“I want to add value, give back, make a difference, from everything I have learnt”

More details for our LAB and outcomes are available in this document – DHI TEDx LAB Case Study

While national and global priorities currently focus on improving the lives of older adults in our societies, increasingly there is a recognised need for a life course approach to healthy ageing. 

The life course approach to healthy ageing recognises that all stages of a person’s life are intrinsically intertwined with each other, with the lives of other people in society and with past and future generations and provides opportunities for exploring and developing a more comprehensive and holistic view on the topic.

  • Written by Zeb Ahmed
  • Posted on September, 19 2019

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