World Mental Health Day – Thursday 10th October

World Mental Health Day – Thursday 10th October

Mental Health Day

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem this year, which means someone you know may be struggling with mental illness. The shame and silence can be as bad as the mental health problem itself.

To help highlight the importance of World Mental Health Day, we have compiled 10 TEDxGlasgow talks on anxiety, depression, overcoming bias and mental health in general.

Someone in the world dies by suicide every 40 seconds and the latest UK statistics, from the  Samaritans, show that deaths by suicide rose by 11.8% in the UK in 2018 with men being 3 times more likely to die by suicide than women.

At TEDxGlasgow our speakers address some of the most pressing challenges facing us all, and some of them have spoken bravely about their own experience of poor mental health and what we can all do to take care of ourselves and support those around who might be suffering.


The male identity crisis

Fraser Smith

When you hear the expression ‘man up’, what does it make you think? Is it about being tougher? More dominant? Or putting on a brave face?

There’s continued pressure on men to live up to a masculine ideal portrayed by the entertainment industry and on social media. In response, new initiatives call for men to acknowledge their vulnerabilities and ask for help, rather than play the hero. On the flip side, other social movements stigmatise men as being wired for aggressive and predatory behaviour.



The strength in weakness

Richard Shotton

Are you afraid of failure? Do you struggle to accept your imperfections? Does criticism leave you feeling discouraged? If the answer is yes, Richard Shotton has a simple idea that could help turn your weaknesses into strengths.



Being limitless

Amar Latif

“If you want something that doesn’t exist, you have two choices. Either you do without, or you build it yourself.”

This is Amar Latif’s ethos in life. And one that’s paid off.

Losing his sight at the age of 18 was not going to stop Amar from living the life he dreamed of. He believes that no matter what personal challenges you are facing, through small actions and being aware of who you are, you can live a life without limitations. If you’re looking for a dose of motivation, this is it.



Working well in the 21st century

Kirsty Wark

The world of work is changing rapidly around us, but by present measures the UK’s productivity is woeful, and yet we work long hours. Clearly, something isn’t working.



Use humour as a tool, not a weapon

Karen Dunbar

A deeply personal exploration of the dangers of humour when used negatively, the struggles of using it as a mask and the power of it when used to make connections and bring happiness into others’ lives.



Imagine that being yourself could get you killed

Adam Kashmiry

From Alexandria in Egypt to Glasgow, Adam crossed borders, barriers and genders to find his true self. His talk exposes a deeply personal story alongside some stark facts, in the hopes of delivering a powerful message to rethink our own perspectives, bias and compassion.



Understanding anger in an age of outrage

Darren McGarvey

Talking from personal experience and reflection, Darren examines the role anger and other potentially toxic emotions play in undermining our wellbeing, as well as our ability to bring about broader social change.



Let’s rethink ability and autism

Rachel Woods

Do you know someone with autism? Have you heard about it in the media or through peers? Or have you been reading this wondering what that word autism actually means? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.



It is time to stop aspiring to perfection

Kelly Knox

Kelly Knox is a fashion model and advocate for people with disabilities. In her talk, she challenges our idea of perfection and what we aspire to, aiming to open our minds to who we really want to be.



Blackout: childhood trauma survival

Reece Hayes

A traumatic real-life story about a young boy growing up caring for his mother who was struggling to cope with severe mental health issues. Reece explores how this impacted on his own life and his own mental health.



Anxiety: It’s the New Adventure

Paula McGuire

Everyday adventurer, Paula McGuire used the lessons of a life spent battling crippling social anxiety to embrace fear and turn barriers into climbing frames. She explains why being terrified is good for the soul and how adventure is the key to positive change. Adventure is in everyone, it’s everyday and it’s everywhere. Why not here?



The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year. This year’s theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is suicide prevention.

  • Written by Jack Proctor
  • Posted on October, 9 2019

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