J.P. Morgan


With more than 1,200 technologists designing, building and supporting global systems, the centre is one of the largest IT employers in Scotland. Our employees design and develop complex financial software and technology systems to support financial services operations around the world. Spanning a wealth of technologies and platforms (e.g., Java, Python, Hadoop, Scala, SQL, .Net, and Open Source), innovation and enterprise are standard. Our technology must be flexible and fast. Our Compute Backbone runs massive and complex calculations that keep us competitive in the market and enable faster responsiveness to our clients. It’s part of the firm’s strategic platform for high-performance grid computing.

Our firm lives and breathes technology. Technology is our business and our future. As we continue to grow as an organization so do our employees. Investing in our working environment, providing greater emphasis on collaborative spaces, means our staff have the ability to communicate across groups and locations more easily.

We are thrilled to be the first major financial services organisation to partner with TedXGlasgow as we are true believers that innovation and the sharing of ideas are fundamental to our own success. We look forward to being an active partner and helping this program grow in Scotland