Mark Shephard

Are you a yes vote, or a no vote? It’s a common question these days ahead of the Independence Referendum this coming September, and thousands are still undecided, with many saying it’s due to lack of facts and information.

But have any of you considered the impact that social media will have on your decision, whether your conscious of it or not?

Mark Shephard, a Senior Lecturer at The University of Strathclyde has been undertaking a study to explore just that. So join us as Mark tells us all about the study which could tell us just how much influence social media has on our opinions towards independence. You never know; his wealth of knowledge may help cement your final decision!

Corinne Hutton

At 43, Corinne Hutton has not let her quadruple amputation hold her back from being a major fundraiser and starting her own charity, ‘Finding Your Feet’.

As well as being a mother, she has completed challenging events such as The New York Marathon, The Rob Roy Challenge and The Kiltwalk and has even trekked in the Himalayas, raising funds for charities such as CHAS and Maggie’s Cancer Care.

Despite having spent hours undergoing major surgeries, numerous hospital trips and life-changing challenges, this inspirational woman is not defined by her illness.

Corinne will tell us the story of her journey, challenging what wealth really is and teaching us about how helping others, sharing experiences, and talking through your worries can really create a common wealth within communities.

Alex Willcock

A musician, craftsmen, furniture-maker and father of five, Alex still finds time to work closely with his business team to build the world’s largest psychographic database with over 300 million profiles.

His business serves to connect people’s emotional beings with the digital ecosystem; but building this kind of company is no easy feat!

Alex will join us to recount the rollercoaster that was building and funding one of the most innovative new technology businesses in the UK. He’ll also share his thoughts on how communication is changing and explore how images and big data will be the new dimension through which we will be able to understand how someone is feeling.

Remzjie Sherifi

Rema was one of the first female radio journalists to work in Kosovo before she, her husband and their 3 sons were evacuated from a refugee camp in Macedonia in 1999. It was then that Glasgow became her home, and the city in which she received the treatment she needed for breast cancer.

Scotswoman of the Year and Evening Times Community Champion, Rema now runs the Maryhill Integration Network, where three staff and 60 volunteers operate a program of weekly activities for health, learning, art and dance.

Having now been in Glasgow for 15 years, Rema’s talk will explore the wealth and richness of culture that new comers bring to our city.

William Mitchell

Design Director of 4C Design Ltd, Will graduated from The Glasgow School of Art and has spent 15 years working in a wide range of industries as a specialist engineer.

Working in a product design and engineering consultancy that services UK and global clients, Will and his team are the faces behind the design of the 2014 Common Wealth Games Queen’s Baton.

A champion of creative thinking and problem solving, Will’s talk will explore how using design thinking techniques can help us find marvelous solutions to some of our most frustrating problems.

Katherine Trebeck

A research and policy advisor in Oxfam’s Research Team, Katherine is responsible for exploring an economy that delivers social justice, good lives, vibrant communities and protects the planet.

As well as managing Oxfam’s ‘Whose Economy?’, a project which asked why, despite decades of economic growth, Scotland’s poverty have not been addressed and inequalities have deepened, she also worked as a Research Fellow where she analysed community development and social housing.

This, combined with a PHD in Political Science awarded from the Australian National University, has given Katherine great understanding of wealth, prosperity and the concept of community. Her talk will look at prosperity from the perspective of people, not pounds and profits and will give us an insight into the challenges and surprises of Oxfam’s Humankind Index; a measure of Scotland’s prosperity based on wide ranging community consultation.

David Sibbald

The CEO of Aridhia, a health and biomedical analytics company, Founder and Trustee of the Kate MacAskill Foundation, Vice-President of UK UNICEF, honorary doctorates from three universities and an OBE for charitable services; David’s credentials are really quite something.

A husband, Dad and Grandad, the businessman and philanthropist spends his time in Glasgow and Tiree. He will join us at our event this June to talk about how data; the thing that’s everywhere and growing has tremendous potential to benefit society and the economy. From people and computers, to maths and imagination, there’s potential to make meaning from the numbers.

Colin Birchenhall

As the technology lead for the ambitious Glasgow Future Cities Demonstrator, a £24m project funded b the Technology Strategy Board, Colin knows a thing or two about how the latest technologies can positively impact cities.

Colin’s work has led to him investigating the impact that technologies such as cloud computing, social media and open data can have on the management of cities like Glasgow, and in his talk, he will uncover how such technology will provide new opportunities for urban innovation and improve Glasgow’s connectivity. Drawing from real examples from the Future Cities Demonstrator project, this will be an interesting insight into the benefits of technology use in cities.

Laura Montgomery

The Co-Founder and Club Manager of Glasgow City Football Club, Scotland’s most successful football club for women and girls, Laura is dedicated and committed to the women’s game and is a strong believer in gender equality.

Her passion prevails off the pitch too, writing for a variety of national and local media outlets as well as being the TV analyst for BBC Alba on their coverage of Scotland women’s national team.

Looking to change attitudes so that female sports stars can be seen in the sports pages, Laura will talk about her experience of building a hugely successful football club, with the aim of inspiring us to adopt her ambition in our own areas of interest and passion so that we can positively impact the future lives of others.

Martin Hendry

Ok, just for fun, jump. You landed again didn’t you? See, what goes up must come down, thanks to gravity - the thing that binds the galaxy together. It’s a thing Martin Hendry, Professor of Gravitational Astrophysics and Cosmology at The University of Glasgow, knows a lot about.

Gravity and physics are two things we probably take for granted, largely because we don’t realise just how much of an impact they have on our every day life. When you get in your car and use your phone to direct you somewhere or take a picture on a digital camera, it’s all thanks to physics.

It’s all quite mind boggling really, but thankfully, we have people like Martin who can make sense of it all. Working as a Series Consultant for the BBC, working on Richard Hammond programmes ‘How to Build A Planet’ and ‘How to Build A Universe’, he’s well used to engaging people and explaining just how amazing gravity and physics is. We’ll join Martin on an amazing journey of phenomena and science that will open up our minds.

Josh Littlejohn

Entrepreneur Josh Littlejohn is the business brain behind Social Bite, a sandwich shop in which 100% of profits are given to good causes and 1 in 4 of the team has been homeless until offered a fresh start and job.

It’s not a token gesture, or a PR campaign, this is a different kind of business model that Josh hopes can be replicated and used across many different sectors to make a difference.

Josh is also the founder of The Scottish Business Awards, which rewards and recognises the success of Scotland’s businesses.

In his talk, Josh will recount the paths life has taken him, from bringing Bob Geldof and Bill Clinton to Scotland, to building a business that is truly challenging the norm and changing lives for the better.

Talat Yaqoob

As a blogger, writer and commentator on the subject of feminism, Talat Yaqoob is a champion for equal rights and supporter for social justice.

She believes that Scotland needs feminism and strongly believes that we need to work together to ensure that everyone has equal access to the benefits they bring. Talat’s thoughts are that women should be given the social justice and platform they need to benefit the common wealth of our country.

She is set to engage us all in some feminism chat, so for 10 minutes, expect to get a little shocked, a little angry and a little active.

Paul Stallan

Glasgow born Paul has led prestigious projects in the UK and internationally which have seen him win various awards, including Architect of the Year.

With 20 years’ experience in architecture which has seen him work in various locations including New York, Malaysia and UAE, Paul is no stranger to designing buildings that have real impact on communities and people. Working as the Scottish Government’s Education Design Champion, he has helped to ensure excellence in school and educational building design and his local portfolio of work also includes care homes and primary schools.

Paul will join us to highlight his belief that a universal common wealth of ideas that can inform the way we live have been with us for a millennia; we just haven’t looked to see.

Cam Donaldson

A leading health economist who has held chairs at numerous universities, published over 200 journal articles and co-authored several books, including Credit Crunch Health Care, Cam Donaldson has been assessing the impact of microcredit and social business on health and wellbeing.

With a career spanning 30 years, Cam has developed a significant understanding of just how hand-in-hand wealth and health actually go, something that, if Glasgow is anything to go by, is hugely apparent across the world. Perhaps the 28-year life expectancy gab between the best and worst off in our city will help to cement that in our minds.

Sir Harry Burns

As the former Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Scotland, the Scottish Government’s Principal Medical Adviser and Head of the Scottish Medical Civil Service, Sir Harry is dedicated to improving people’s health and social well being.

In 1994, he became Director of Public Health for Greater Glasgow Health board, a position he occupied until 2005. During this time, he continued research into the problems of social determinants of health, and later in 1998, was lead clinician in Scotland for cancer care. Someone who has been so involved in the health care industry for Scotland brings unparalleled knowledge of common health, and therefore common wealth, to the TEDxGlasgow event. We are delighted to have Sir Harry join us for our event to explore our theme of The Common Wealth.

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