Our Strategy

Our vision is:

Scotland is a more prosperous, innovative, sustainable, creative, fairer and healthier nation.

Our mission is:

TEDxGlasgow is a catalyst for meaningful change in Glasgow, Scotland and the wider world.

Our position is unique in that we have the power of a global brand that is able to bring together people from different industries and sectors who are interested in new ideas. As a catalyst our role is to capitalise on this and ensure meaningful interactions between thinkers, doers and innovators, be that our speakers, our partners, our volunteer or our guests.

Through these interactions whether they are at the main event, in LABs, at one of our Salon events or online our content should inspire people to implement their own change. The change we want to see is meaningful and reaches a large number of people.

The logic model below outlines the interactions between what we do (inputs and activities), who we reach (participation), what we produce (outputs) and what we hope to achieve (outcomes).

Our values play an important part in making sure we always continue to build on our successes and help us achieve our vision. Our values are:

  • Always innovating – we are affecting real change and we do that by bringing new ideas and being original and creative in our thinking.
  • Being collaborative – we work together and help each other achieve our best.
  • Inspiring others – through our work we inspire others to bring about systematic, macro-level change in their fields of work.
  • Making an impact – everything we do is geared towards having an impact, be that on an individual, an organisation or society.

It is also important to know who we are and who we are not.


We are:

  • Catalysts
  • Facilitators
  • Influencers
  • Outspoken
  • Open-minded
  • People-centric
We are not:

  • Change-implementers
  • The decision-makers
  • Commercial
  • Negative
  • Exclusive

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