It’s time to find our speakers

Without speakers, there would be no TEDxGlasgow event; so the time has come for us to open up for speaker applications and nominations in preparation for our event on Sunday June 8th at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

With this year’s theme being ‘The Common Wealth’ we’re looking for people to really open up and share their wealth of knowledge or experience in a certain area so that the city of Glasgow can learn, be inspired and share during our event. 

We also really want to explore the needs of our city; hearing from speakers who have ideas, knowledge and experiences of how we can improve the common wealth of our city; and by wealth we don’t mean just money, we mean resources, people and anything else that can be used by the businesses, charities and people in our city to improve it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional, a  community volunteer, a specialist, or consider yourself just a person with something really interesting to share, we really want to applications from everyone who is interested so that our audience can hear from a wide range of speakers.

We’re not going to be too specific about what we want from a speaker, because there’s plenty of room on the application form for you to tell us how your talk can improve the common wealth of our city! That said, we’re really looking forward to reading the forms and discovering how you’ve all interpreted our theme of ‘The Common Wealth.’

OK, you know the theme, you know we want speakers, so it’s time to get nominating and applying. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

TO NOMINATE A SPEAKER: please seek their permission, then download our nomination form, complete it and send it to the email address on the form.

TO APPLY TO SPEAK AT OUR EVENT: please download our speaker application form,  complete it and send it to our speakers team.

The deadline for nominations and applications is Sunday April 27th and the full line-up of speakers will be announced on Sunday May 4th.

TEDxGlasgow Theme for 2014: The Common Wealth

Wealth; “an abundance of valuable possessions, a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing.”

Most of us associate the word wealth with money; but dig deeper and you’ll realise, that if the dictionary definition is anything to go by, we all have wealth in some way or another.

You may be a specialist in your area of profession, you may have great knowledge in a particular subject, or you may have a great experience which has positively impacted your life. If you do, you have wealth.

Just like money can have more impact when shared, wealth can have more impact when shared too. So this year, for TEDxGlasgow 2014, we’re going to encourage common wealth.

How? We’re going to invite professionals, individuals, practitioners or specialists to share their wealth with the Glasgow people at our event on Sunday June 8th at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

At the event, we’ll challenge how common the wealth of our city is, we’ll invite speakers to share their wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of sectors and we’ll be encouraged to share what we learn and experience ourselves.

By doing so, the skills and experiences of others will be heard and this will create a common wealth of knowledge that will help Glasgow, it’s people and it’s businesses, grow and prosper.

So in a year of sporting prowess in our city, join us on our own incredible journey; whether you’re a partner, speaker, volunteer or attendee – learn and be inspired so that you too can help us encourage common wealth in Glasgow.

March Coordinator Meeting

Last Saturday the team met in sunny Mount Vernon to talk all things TEDxGlasgow. With only 3 months to go until the big day, the focus was on where we had all got to on our respective work. First off we confirmed 2014′s event will take place on the Sunday the 8th of June at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire. Got to start with the basics.

Dougie, our Education Coordinator kicked the coordinator updates off by discussing his plans for making sure we have a lasting impact with our work. His team plans to work with local schools to find out what one thing they think could change Glasgow for the better. We all thought it was a simple idea, but one that was really powerful. Who better to talk about what they want to see change other than the next generation?

How can we bring about that change? Well Paula who heads up the LAB team believes involving the wider Glasgow community is key. She’s working on getting our message of positive change out there in a space near you! Thomas and the speakers team have plans to help us wittle down all the potential people who want to come talk at the event down to the select few. Anyone who thinks they have an idea that fits with our theme of the common wealth of Glasgow and feels they can help make the world a better place will need to submit an application form via the website. We also discussed how we can make sure our speakers, and audience, represent our community rather than just one section of it.

More details on all of this will be coming soon.

We were getting pretty excited about all the potential TEDxGlasgow could achieve but Kathryn, our Partnerships Coordinator, and Pamela, our Volunteer Coordinator, brought us back to reality by talking through their plans to make sure we raise the funds and get the people needed to make sure the event lives up to everyone’s expectations!

It was amazingly positive day with tonnes of great ideas generated. Very exciting stuff! Well what else would you expect from a TEDx team?

If you want to become a partner or speak at our event we want to hear from you! Drop us an email to to find out more.